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The mentoring role

Tips for Mentors

Connecting with a young person in a mentoring relationship could take anything from a couple of weeks to six to nine months. Much will depend on the background and circumstances of the young person.

Effective mentors will:

  • Be consistent, dependable, and always be on time for scheduled meetings with the young person 
  • Keep the relationship alive - persevere at the beginning of the relationship 
  • Respect the young person's viewpoint and values 
  • Make decisions together with the young person 
  • Empathise, empathise, empathise! 
  • Keep the fun element at the forefront of the relationship 
  • Be prepared to be vulnerable when sharing life experiences with the young person 
  • Actively listen to everything the young person shares  
  • Keep their word 
  • Participate fully in the programm 
  • Especially in the early days meet in public, ensuring that the young person feels safe and secure at all times 
  • Always totally focus on the young person when they are together

Mentors should seek advice and support from program staff on a regular basis and should prioritise attendance at ongoing training and other activities organized by program staff.

Youth Empowerment Seminars website has many ideas and tips for creating effective mentoring relationships, as well as information on helpful resources to enhance the spirit of mentoring.

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