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Catch up on Edith "Winx" Lawrence's presentation - A competence approach to mentoring

It was wonderful to see many of you at Edith "Winx" Lawrence's presentation in Auckland a couple of weeks ago.  We hope you found her topic really valuable and thought provoking.

For those of you who were unable to attend in person we are pleased to be able to provide a copy of the handout Winx shared together with her Powerpoint presentation. 

Bringing Out Their Best. New Zealand 2018

YWLP Handout

Winx's presentation was focused on the Young Women’s Leaders Program she developed at the University of Virginia - with university students mentoring targeted middle-school girls, which has now expanded to several other countries. Despite the specific focus of this work, it was great to see the diversity of our audience, who found so much relevance in the rich range of information that was generously made available.

She noted the universal truth of the importance of language. Leadership is a powerful and positive concept, equally relevant to both age groups of the young women. Based on self-determination theory, the program faces up to challenging issues like “How to have difficult conversations?”

Winx also emphasised the importance of training for mentors and that there is widespread under-estimation of the support needed to do a good job – while peer-mentoring needs lots of adult support. Quoting from US mentoring guru Jean Rhodes (2002) she memorably shared “When the tool of change is a close relationship, everyone involved should proceed with caution.”

NZYMN is very grateful to our academic colleagues at the Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Auckland, who have made it possible for us to co-host a range of distinguished US professors speaking on various aspects of Youth Mentoring over the years.



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