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This page will enable you to find out who is offering youth mentoring services in your local region.  Organisations voluntarily choose to list their programme information with us, so the list may not include every organisation in your region that offer these types of services but it should give you a good avenues to explore if you are:

  • thinking that you might like to volunteer to be a mentor to a young person, or
  • you are a parent /caregiver looking for support for your young person. 

Each iisting includes a brief overview of the organisations youth mentoring programme; where they offer their services; a profile of the young people they support eg., their age, gender, personal circumstances etc. The listing also include a description of the mentors they look to engage to work with the young people.

Other avenues to check for possible programmes in your area are:

  • Your local Citizens Advice Bureau. They are often aware of local opportunities that may not be listed on a website.
  • Google search: youth mentoring programmes or youth development programmes for your region
  • Search the Family Services Directory (this is a directory of service providers that can help you and your family)

Follow the instructions below to search this web page:  

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To find all programmes offered in your region:

  • click on Region dropdown arrow
  • select region, and
  • click FIND

A summary of all programmes will be displayed.

Programme search

To find out about a particular programme:

  • click on Programme dropdown arrow
  • Select programme you are interested in, and
  • click FIND

Information on the programme you have selected will be displayed.