The Youth Mentoring Network



Are you looking to establish a new mentoring programme to serve young people in your community?

Is it time to review your existing youth mentoring programme to ensure it is fit for purpose?

Do you need to find more volunteers to mentor the young people you work with?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then this section of the website will provide you lots of information to refer to.

Youth Mentoring Effective Practice Model 

The diagram on the right summarises the key components of programme development.   the essential things you need to consider when establishing a youth Mentoring programme.

At the centre of any programme is the Mentor/ Mentee relationship. "One good relationship can transform a life; it can become the means by which a young person connects with others, with teachers and schools, with their future prospects and potential" (Rhodes, 2002)

The middle circle covers the four stages of Programme Development - Design, Planning, Management and Evaluation. Allowing time to work through the practical steps outlined at each stage will helpp to ensure high quality and effective mentoring.

The outer circle is all about the core elements of effective practice which are built around the life cycle of a mentoring relationship from recruitment, safety checking and training to matching, ongoing support and closure.

Register your programme

If you offer mentoring services in your community and you are keen to find good volunteers to mentor the young people you work with, then we encourage you to register your programme with the Network. By listing your programme on this website this will help increase access and awareness of programmes that are available throughout the motu.  it will also help serve to support networking and collaboration between programme providers in various communities.