The Youth Mentoring Network

Professional Development

Training workshops

Training programmes support best practice

The New Zealand Youth Mentoring Network training programmes are based on best practice information and research including the Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa (YDSA), adult experiential learning principles, and national and international research on mentoring. We build a great amount of interactive learning activities, discussion and reflection into all our programmes.

Diversity of programme participants support learning opportunities.

We bring together diverse groups of youth workers, managers and mentors working with young people. For example at a recent mentor training course we had three senior staff and career counsellors from a high decile school on the NorthShore and two mentors who have just completed a drug rehabilitation programme who shared their own experience of drug addiction and rehabilitation. Attendees also included staff from a South Auckland Pacific mentoring programme, a musician running mentoring programmes through the use of music, and a mentor from Huntly who works with young people who have violently offended. The diversity of participants supports opportunities to learn about different cultures, values and perspectives, and effective skills for working with New Zealand's diverse young people.

Ongoing evaluations and feedback show that our training programmes support those working in the sector, and support more effective quality assurance and programme implementation.

Professional development opportunities

We offer a number of professional development workshops for those wanting to develop skills in mentoring young people:

  • Foundational Youth Mentoring programme (MentorPlus) - 2 day workshop that focuses on the skills required to be an effective mentor to young people.
  • Mentoring Programme Development (Mentoring Matters consultancy) - a service focused on assisting organisations to implement an effective Youth Mentoring programme or align their current mentoring offerings with international best practice. This work is offered on-site and on-line. 
  • Peer Support training - a one-day workshop for students in senior secondary school, who want to suppport younger students in their school. 
  • Sharing the Kaupapa- workshops designed to build mentoring capabilities. We offer three separate one-day sessions:
    1. An Introduction to The Guide to  Effective and Safe Practice in Youth Mentoring.
    2. Building Quality Relationships in Youth Mentoring.
    3. Whai Wāhitanga: Active Youth Participation in Mentoring.

These workshops can be arranged to be presented in-house and regional locations.