The Youth Mentoring Network

Professional Development

Please find a listing of presentation and papers that have been made available following the NZ Youth Mentoring Conference held on the 10 and 11 September 2013.

Keynote presentation:  Overview of youth mentoring in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Ann Dunphy, Chair, NZ Youth Mentoring Network

Ann Dunphy opening address


Keynote   presentation:  Implementing the VYMA   Quality Assurance Project – key lessons learned.

   Clare Waldron – Victoria Youth Mentoring Alliance

     VYMA NZ Keynote QA Project - Clare Waldron



Facilitated   panel discussion:  Measuring   the effectiveness of mentoring interventions.

  • Pat Bullen, University of Auckland
  • Kelsey Deane, University of Auckland
  • Julie Moore, Foundation for Youth   Development
  • Dave Marshall, Big Brothers Big   Sisters of NZ
  • David Dubois, Professor, University of   Illinois  (via Skype)

         Panel Question Responses - Kelsey Deane

Keynote   presentation:  The role of mentoring in   the youth justice system.

     Superintendent Wally Haumaha. GM of   Māori,
     Pacific and Ethnic Services, NZ Police

      Supt W Haumaha speech notes

Elective   sessionRevitalizing recruitment - successful   mentor recruitment strategies.

        Clare Waldron, VYMA

         VYMA NZ Recruitment Workshop

Optional   early session:  The BEAMS project (Building Engagement   and Aspirations through Mentoring in Schools). A multi-faceted project that   aims to extend and deepen partnerships between university and primary and   secondary schools.

  • Marie   Kavanagh, Professor (Accounting) and Campus Academic Coordinator (Community   Engagement)
  • Julie   Crouch, Project Officer
  • Marita   Tomlinson, Project Officer
  • Anita Williamson,   Project Officer (BEAMS)

         BEAMS Project

Keynote   presentation : The Children’s Action Plan, Youth Service and other initiatives   recognise the positive influence of supportive mentoring relationships on the   lives of young people.

       Brendan Boyle, Chief Executive, Ministry
Social Development


     YouTube link slide 2

Interactive   session:  “Bootcamps   don’t build a frontal cortex.”  Nathan   will outline the vital role nurturing relationships play in helping young   people successfully find their way through life.

        Nathan Mikaere-Wallis, Director of X-Factor  
        Education and neuroscience presenter and
        trainer for Brainwave Trust

        Nathan Mikaere-Wallis - presentation

Adolescent Health Research   Group (AHRG):  Terryann and Pat   will present the latest trends and findings from the Youth ‘12 Survey – the   third in the series of the Youth2000 youth health and wellbeing survey’

  • Terryann Clark, Senior Lecturer, School of   Nursing, University of Auckland and founding member of the AHRG
  • Pat Bullen, Lecturer in human development,   Faculty of Education and member of the AHRG

      Adolescent Health Research Group presentation

Video   session:  Pathways and transitions Stuart   will share his thoughts on how you prevent disengagement at the critical   transition points in a young person’s life? 

     Dr Stuart Middleton, Director of External  
     Relations, Manukau Institute of Technology


Keynote   presentation:  “Literacy   and young people – What you and your organisation can do.”

     Alison Sutton, Strategic Analyst, COMET  

     Alison Sutton Youth Mentoring Presentation 


Elective   session:  Pathways for young people -   Transitioning students from Secondary Schools into skilled industry   employment.

    John Kotoisuva, Founder / Chief Executive,  
    C-Me Mentoring Foundation

     John Kotoisuva- C-Me Mentoring Foundation

Elective three:  pathways for young people - Starpath   Project – Conversations for improving academic performance.

    Joy Eaton, Deputy Director, Starpath Project

     Joy Eaton - Academic Counselling


Elective   session:   pathways   for young people - I have a Dream – 5 evidence based arguments you SHOULD   have to advocate for young people.

    Ant Backhouse, Programme Manager, I Have a  
    Dream (IHAD)

      Ant Backhouse_I Have a Dream

Keynote   presentation:  “The idea   whose time has come:”  Youth mentoring   is an example of the “heart” within communities for transformation.  Public policy can frustrate our efforts, or   set our world alight.

    Bernardine Vester, Director of EducationPlus  

    Bernardine Vester - presentation